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Video: ‘Kirby’s Tiny World’ Is An Adorable Kirby Picture Book Localised For The First Time


Nintendo stunned us right this moment by dropping a model new video on their YouTube channel all about Kirby. Provided that Kirby and the Forgotten Land continues to be very contemporary in our minds, this is sensible. However this one is not about Kirby’s journey in a post-apocalyptic world, oh no. It is one thing far more cute than that.

Titled ‘Kirby’s Tiny World’, this can be a video model (and a translated model, at that!) of the as soon as Japan-only youngsters’s image e-book Kirby Time: Kirby’s Tiny World, which you’ll find on Japanese Books. That is proper, we get learn alongside time with Kirby without cost! And actually, that is completely the cutest factor we have ever seen. That is proper. Go house everybody else.

I am positive many people with children might be utilizing this to get their littluns to sleep tonight and over the weekend. So, thanks for serving to us be good dad and mom, Nintendo! And thanks for giving us much more Kirby content material. We might love a sport that appears like this video and these books, when you’re at it!

Kirby’s Tiny World is Guide 4 within the ‘It is Kirby Time’ image e-book collection, so we’ve a hunch we’ll be seeing extra of those as there are seven of them. Time to get a playlist sorted…

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