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Wall World – Open Beta


Wall World is a mining motion journey sport the place you pilot a large robospider that crawls up an enormous vertical wall world.

In Wall World you are taking management of a cell base that may scale a huge vertical wall and shoot enemies that attempt to assault. Each every now and then you encounter procedurally generated mines which you could dig into to reap sources. You may then drag these sources again to your base and use them to craft upgrades. As you progress you’ll uncover new biomes and perhaps discover traces of “the others” inside the mines.

For the time being the keyboard-based controls are somewhat fiddly, nevertheless it’s a terrific idea and it has an addictive loop of mining, upgrading and battling monsters. The vertical wall world could be very intriguing too, so it’ll be attention-grabbing to dig into extra of its secrets and techniques.

Join In The Wall World Open Beta Here (Click on “Request Entry”)

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