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What Is the Thunderbird and Why Is the Darkside Detective Centering a Case on It?


I’m Buddy, the Group Supervisor for Akupara Video games and immediately, we’re releasing a brand new case for The Darkside Detective: A Fumble within the Darkish! And I wished to take a second to peel again the curtain on The Darkside Detective to offer you a sneak peek into the mythological inspiration for the brand new case, the thunderbird.

One Flew into the Cuckoo’s Nest” (that is the identify of the case, the cuckoo is the thunderbird, do you get it?) takes place at Twin Lakes’ botanical backyard. In case you watched the trailer above, you’d be capable to see {that a} thunderous egg and chicken caw trace fairly strongly that there’s an issue that solely McQueen and Dooley can type out. That downside is a thunderbird, a large, electrified chicken threatening to zap and sizzle anybody getting too shut.


Within the folklore of indigenous tribes of North America, the thunderbird is an enormous avian whose wingbeats create thunder and whose eyes spark with lightning. And in the identical method that the mythological traits of dragons or unicorns fluctuate from kingdom to kingdom in Europe, the completely different legends from completely different indigenous peoples afforded the thunderbird all kinds of traits and skills relying on that legend’s particular person supply. Whether or not the thunderbird was a drive of nature, bringing storms, wind and rain; a shapeshifter, seeking to mix in among the many people; or a religious guardian, defending humanity from the darkish creatures of the underworld relies upon extremely on whom you’re listening to the story from. Whereas the thunderbird reveals up in people tales from all throughout North America, it’s notably related to the Algonquian tribe of north-eastern Canada and the US in addition to a lot of completely different cultures within the Pacific Northwest, the place the thunderbird is often carved into tall totem poles.

Thunderbirds are somewhat bit off the crushed path for mythological creatures. Ghosts? Vampires? Zombies? These are sorts of creatures that bounce to the entrance of your thoughts once we begin speaking in regards to the form of magical world the Darkside Detective takes place in. And true to type, The Darkside Detective has featured protesting ghosts, emotionally drained vampires and gangster zombies within the circumstances of the primary two video games. Creatures so frequent you’ll instantly acknowledge them (and the particular riffs on them that we do in our video games for comedy.)


The thunderbirds, however, are rather less frequent, which makes them a singular topic for a Darkside Detective case. Outdoors of their presence within the folklore of indigenous tribes of North America, the thunderbird has popped up right here and there in several items of well-liked tradition. The current movie Improbable Beasts and The place to Discover Them, as an example, encompasses a thunderbird being launched to its native habitat of Arizona. The legendary chicken, Zapdos, within the first technology of Pokemon video games was additionally impressed by the thunderbird. Thunderbird is the codename for the primary indigenous X-men character launched alongside fan favorites (like Storm, Wolverine and Colossus.)

With out going into too many particulars for the case itself, since I promised myself I wouldn’t spoil this for any of you, the thunderbird’s dimension and energy make it excellent for the Darkside Detective video games. If the beating coronary heart of the Darkside Detective is the bromance between Dooley and McQueen, then the arteries and blood vessels of this metaphorical circulatory system are the inherent comedy of fantastical creatures popping up in mundane locations. Watching a totally regular safety guard report on an enormous thunderbird nesting on the roof of a constructing is exactly the appropriate form of humor that makes Darkside the form of sport that all of us need to spend an hour hanging out with.

If any of the above actually tickles your fancy, then be happy to obtain the brand new Darkside Detective: A Fumble within the Darkish case “One Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest” immediately, out there now on Xbox.

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble within the Darkish

Akupara Video games



“Twin Lakes is a cursed metropolis. Much less cursed than say, “Demons are tearing it aside” however extra cursed than “all the time loses its keys” or “typically steps in puddles”. It’s roughly in the midst of the cursed scale, is what we’re making an attempt to say.

Cursed sufficient that it’s a nuisance. Cursed sufficient that someone has to take care of it…

That’s the place The Darkside Detective is available in. Everytime you hear a bump within the evening, really feel a tingle up your backbone, or odor one thing fishy, Detective Francis McQueen isn’t far behind.
No, he doesn’t odor of fish – it’s a phrase, come on…

Selecting up after the occasions of The Darkside Detective, McQueen has to save lots of his usually-present (in physique, if not thoughts) sidekick Officer Dooley from the Darkside, so the 2 can get again to what they do greatest – investigating the town’s many unusual, typically paranormal, all the time paradoxical goings-on.

Be a part of them on this frighteningly humorous point-and-click journey as they examine six extra standalone circumstances bringing them to a carnival, the native retirement residence, an beginner wrestling circuit and at the same time as far-off as Eire as they do what they will to maintain the Darkside at bay.”

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