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Which Pokémon Is Tastiest? – Food-Based Pokémon, Ranked


Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

We right here at Nintendo Life are at all times hungry as a result of, whereas not many are conscious, writing about Nintendo on a regular basis works up an enormous urge for food. So it’s solely pure that when the brand new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer revealed one other food-themed Pokémon, we couldn’t assist however marvel how it will style.

Scarlet and Violet aren’t the one video games with edible Pokémon in them, nevertheless. Of the roughly 37 billion Pokémon now found, we uncovered 11 food-themed Pokémon and their evolutionary strains – excluding fish, most crops, and Pokémon that in any other case don’t have any meals motif (hey, we love us some jamón however we’re not throwing Lechonk in right here simply but) – and ranked them by how a lot we’d need to eat them. No, we haven’t had lunch but. Why do you ask?

So, let’s begin in descending order with somewhat aspect dish, lets?

#11 – Smoliv

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

Smoliv is an olive. Whereas we get pleasure from olives paired with different meals – cheese, wine, pizza toppings – we don’t advocate attempting to eat an olive uncooked. Olives are stated to be so bitter earlier than being cured into the salty and barely tangy kind we all know and love that they’re inedible.

In case you threw Smoliv right into a brine for a few yr or so, we expect it’d style fairly nice paired with some Miltank cheese. Too unhealthy there isn’t a wine-themed Pokémon but. Higher but – grinding Smoliv into oil to drizzle onto our hypothetical PokéPizza.

Who would do such a factor to the Pokémon universe’s latest – and arguably cutest – grass-type addition, you may ask? We’d. We’re famished.

#10 – Tropius

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

We don’t need to eat all of Tropius, a Pokémon which we’d argue ranks close to the highest of the listing of strangest designs, but we should admit the banana-like fruit hanging from its chin intrigues us. It seems to be so much like a nanab berry, although none of its Pokédex entries affirm or deny this.

Nonetheless, Tropius ranks low on this listing just because the fruit it produces look so much like chin hairs. Would you need to eat a fruit grown from an animal’s chin? No, we wouldn’t both.

But we will’t assist however marvel how Tropius’s fruit would style mashed, combined with sugar, butter, eggs, some baking soda, after which thrown into an oven at 180°C for an hour. We might go for some nanab bread proper about now.

#9 – Sinistea and Polteageist

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

Whereas Nintendo Life relies out of the UK, we discovered it tough to rank this tea-based Pokémon any greater than eleventh. We love an excellent cup of tea – maybe served with a splash of Micery – however the truth that Sinistea and Polteageist are ghosts troubles us. Ghost-type Pokémon have a few of the most horrifying Pokédex entries, and regardless of these two having fairly delicate entries compared, we will’t belief that they gained’t syphon somewhat little bit of our soul with each sip.

We desire our tea with out the chance of possession.

#8 – Exeggcute and Exeggutor

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

You’d be forgiven for pondering that an Exeggcute consists of a gaggle of six eggs when, in reality, they extra intently resemble plant seeds (in line with a number of Pokédex entries). It is stated Crabrawler usually hunts Exeggcute and climbs Exeggutor looking for coconuts, so we assume these two Pokémon style so much like precise coconuts.

We’re not the largest fan of coconut, however some Exeggcute or Exeggutor shredded on high of some pancakes or baked into some chocolate cookies sounds fairly tasty.

#7 – Togepi

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Wikipedia

Sorry Misty – flip your again for a second, and we’d snatch up that Togepi to make a scrumptious bowl of oyakodon. For these unaware, oyakodon is a Japanese dish comprised of each hen and eggs that interprets actually into ‘parent-and-child bowl.’ Togepi evolves into bird-like Pokémon, so it should style considerably like hen, proper?

Simmered in a broth of soy sauce and hen inventory earlier than topping a bowl of rice, Togepi seems to be so much like a handy approach to make oyakodon with the least quantity of fuss. We simply hope that its vibrant shell doesn’t get caught in our enamel.

#6 – Swirlix and Slurpuff

Picture: The Pokémon Firm / Pexels

Swirlix is a sentient piece of cotton sweet that evolves right into a sentient cupcake. Its Pokédex entries state its ‘fur’ does in reality scent and style like cotton sweet, so we will take somewhat leap of religion and assume its evolution, Slurpuff, tastes like a cupcake, meringue, or cream puff. We don’t actually know which, however we wouldn’t say no to visiting a restaurant in Kalos to pattern for ourselves – maybe with a aspect of Sinistea and a ‘coconut’ cookie comprised of certainly one of Exeggutor’s heads.

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